make it green.

My aKademy GreenSeats certificate

With all the KDE folks travelling to aKademy this week, I think it’s a good opportunity to make
a good effort known to all you folks. Most of us probably know, that flying puts a considerable
burden on the environment. Not all is lost, you can compensate at least for a part of your
contribution to global warming and other problems that come along with the pollution of the air.

Kim pointed me at two sites that offer the
service of compensation. On the GreenSeats website, you can
convert your seat into a “green seat”, basically by paying the organisation for planting trees that
will compensate the amount of emission that is caused by your flight. For a return flight from
Amsterdam to Dublin this adds € 5,96 (or 13 trees) for the compensation of CO2 and
€ 10,12 (or 27 trees) for the compensation of also other greenhouse gases.
A site offering a similar service is

A Power Manager for Kubuntu.

The new power manager that will be used in Kubuntu

At the Ubuntu Dev Summit in Paris, we decided
that Kubunt needs its own powermanagement applet. We started designing it right there, and I
even wrote some backend code. Due to a vacation and other obligations, I wasn’t able to do much work
on it last month, but I picked it up again, and it’s progressing nicely — to the point where I’m
starting to use it myself. Jonathan had done some nice work on it, and I took it over again. Since
the initial test release, it has seen quite some improvements:

  • Part of the initial code from Jonathan Riddell
  • Beautiful icons, thanks to Ken Wimer
  • Lots of improvements in the user interface, thanks to \el
  • Display of cpu frequency (including multi cpu and cpu hotplugging support)
  • Largely refactored code so it’s actually fun to work
  • And of course a bunch of bugfixes

Besides battery and CPU status reporting, you can configure the power manager to switch to a
lower power state by for example dimming the display a bit, and to perform various actions when the
power cable is plugged, unplugged, when the lid is closed and when the battery is nearly empty.

Special thanks go out to Jonathan Riddel and Luka Renko for testing it.

There’s a number of issues with power-manager at the moment, however. First, PyQt (and thus
PyKDE) can not ‘listen’ to dbus since the Qt event loop is not yet supported in the python dbus
bindings. We currently work around this by polling every 5 seconds. John “J5” Palmieri will be at
aKademy, so we might discuss a better solution in Dublin at the end of this month.
Second, power-manager does not support multiple batteries currently. I cannot work on that part
since I do not have two batteries I can use in my notebook at the same time. Patches for this are
welcome, of course. I someone wants to lend me a Thinkpad Ultrabay Slim battery, that’d also be
great (bring one to aKademy, if you’re there).

I’d like to get more feedback now, please download the
test package
(packaged for Edgy, it should work well also on Dapper but you might need to force
install it) and report back, either email me directly,
or add your feedback to the Wiki. You can also get the code
from KDE’s subversion

Pimp your slides!

Oxygen template example in KPresenter

When trying to start Amarok in order to listen to some funky music (Leftfield at the
moment), I mistyped and put in “Akadem…”. Obviously our yearly world summit isn’t far away
anymore. Adriaan noted the same, and blogged that he needed a KPresenter oxygen template. I had offered to look up the one I
used for FrosCon earlier this year. After dinner, I sat down with a glass of
decent Portwine and created templates:

So pimp your aKademy slides!

The artwork has obviously not been created by me, but by our famous Oxygen Team, thanks David, Nuno, Ken! I’ve also added the
slides to, so you can find them
back more easily in the future.

In other aKademy-related news, today at the office we had a short discussion what we were
looking forward to most at aKademy, for me it’s the social aspect of this conference. Not that I’m
not interested in the talks — quite the opposite indeed, but what I’m really looking forward to is
teaming up with all you guys.

Offtopic: This clip is