Interviewed about Project Silk, Qt DevDays

Koen Vervloesem has published (well, kind of published, it’s LWN subscriber-only right now, but AFAIK will become publicly available later) an interview with Frank “Social Desktop” Karlitschek and me. The interview provides a preview of what Frank and me will discuss in our respective presentations during NLUUG’s fall conference which will be held on October 29th in Ede, Netherlands. I heard that registration is still open, so if you happen to be in the area, drop by. For the majority of my readers (those that aren’t LWN subscribers and not able to come to “The Open Web” conference, this post is more turns out pretty useless though . As the interview was published on my birthday (I’m 33 now), I’ll just take that as an excuse. Random related fact: The KDE project is — to the day — exactly twenty years younger than I am. Happy birthday fellow gearheads!

Mostly unrelated fact, I’ve just returned from the Qt DevDays in Munich where I “hung out” with my fellow KDABians. A Dot (the KDE news site) story reporting about that is coming up (I’m about to queue it for review by fellow dot-editors).

Update: The Dot article has been published.

More Update: A Dutch version of the article is up on Transparante Zaken