I’ve done a facelift to my website. The new version is more mobile-friendly, modern-looking and quite a departure visually from its original look. I’ve chosen for a newpaper-like, typography-based responsive layout. My site finally also supports SSL, thanks to let’s encrypt.

Going to Akademy
Next week, I’ll be going to Akademy, which is co-hosted with QtCon. As usual, my focus will be around Plasma-related topics. I’ll also hold a presentation about a KDE software store.

PSA: Plasma Mobile forums have moved

For a short while, the Plasma Mobile forums were hosted outside of the official KDE Forums. In our quest to put everything under KDE governance, we have now moved the Plasma Mobile forums under KDE’s forums as well. Enjoy the new Plasma Mobile forums.

As a few users had already registered on the “old” forums, this means a smallish interruption as the threads could not be quickly moved to the new forums. We’re sorry for that inconvenience and would like to ask everyone to move to the new forums.

Thanks for your patience and sorry again for the hassle involved with that.

Berlin Desktop Summit: Deadline for visa and travel assistance

Some administrative bits.

For the upcoming Berlin Desktop Summit, some people might need visa. The organisation (KDE e.V. and GNOME foundation) can help here. Since we’re a relatively small team, and visa application can be critical to a person being able to attend, we need you to send us your visa request as soon as possible, but in any case before June, 1st. This is necessary so we can do the necessary paperwork and make sure important contributors will be able to attend. Please get in contact with the GNOME foundations travel committee or the KDE e.V. board of directors if you need a visum.

If (you’re a KDE hacker and) you need assistance with travel costs, and you haven’t already applied, please also do so quickly. There’s also a June 1st deadline for that. (The rationale being here is that we do not want to decide on a first-come-first-serve basis, but we need some planning security.)

See you in Berlin!


Just a quick shout-out, K, me and the pets (and computers) are moving into the new house now, which means I’ll be hard to reach over the next couple of days. I should be fully moved into my new home office on Monday. Progress can be monitored here.

See you on the flip side. :-)

Up’ed to wordpress 3.0

I’ve upgraded my weblog to WordPress 3.0, if you encounter anything weird or wrong, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

To make this blog entry slightly more useful, I’ve found the Android WordPress application pretty handy. In order to prevent spam, I’ve enabled moderation for the first comment of a person. This way I can more easily keep moderation times down and make that necessity a bit less annoying by quickly approving non-spam comments on my blog. The Akismet spam filter is already pretty good with 99.8% accuracy, the overall ratio spam vs. comments being roughly 50/50. Comment spam that slips through Akismet is caught in moderation, that way I can make sure that no spam shows up at all. WordPress on Android makes the approval process rather handy. It would be nice if the app could automatically check for comments and notify of new ones that need moderation though. If you don’t like web browsers to manage your wordpress blog, I find Blogilo as a desktop client and wordpress on Android app a very nice combo.