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Energy consumption of an idle Plasma desktop
Energy consumption of an idle Plasma desktop
After a series of horrible fuckups (and I’m not using this word lightly here) by Lenovo, they’ve finally replaced my laptop with a 2nd gen X1 Yoga. I’ve finished building Plasma from git (which I need for development work) and thought to give powertop a whirl to check how we’re doing in terms of battery life. I’m very pleased with the results: An idle Plasma Desktop doesn’t wake up the CPU, which is something we worked on avoiding for years. Furthermore, idling, I get a battery drain rate of less than 4 watt, which is pretty exceptional. Bottom line: Our work hasn’t been in vain and shows that Plasma is pretty well optimized to get the most out of your battery. This is especially interesting for Plasma Mobile of course, but benefits laptop users as well. It’s a nice example how our work on convergence benefits all users. And polar bears.

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  1. Do you have any values for comparison? :) According to Notebookcheck the idle usage is between 4,9 and 13,8 watt – I guess measured using the Windows 10 it is shipped with. So less than 4 watts sounds really good in case powertop is right :)
    According to the review it should have about 13 hours of idle battery life. What does plasma report?

    1. The X1 Yoga 1st gen was just under 5W, no other useful comparison material. Plasma reports about the same battery life as powertop, around 13 hours. It’s pretty exceptional, even with moderate usage.

  2. 4.7 Watts for me, with some stuff open, wifi running half screen brightness and some other stuff. Pretty damn good if you ask me :)

  3. It would be nice to see some values comparing Windows and Plasma in a variety of different scenarios (idle, continuous surfing, watching a video, etc.) But aside from that, nice to hear!

    Now if only Intel would fix their SATA APLM on linux…

  4. And now the same with Wayland please (my expectation would be the numbers even lower).

  5. Wayland and Windows will do the same ; when a cpu is not waken, there is nothing more to win. The problem I see with windows is video playing : any friends I meet tell me they can’t watch 1080p videos in their laptop. This means hardware decoding like VAAPI is not used, so battery life suffers a lot.

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