Sebastian Kügler

photo of sebas

I am a Plasma hacker and scuba diver living in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Software Development

I am a software developer who works on Free and Open Source software, and especially in KDE. I am a core developer of KDE Plasma a Free software project offering a workspace user experience, where I am maintaining several core components. I have been an executive at KDE, and am currently COO of Blue Systems, leading the team working on KDE software. I am proficient in C++, Python, QML, Javascript, PHP and a few other languages. My focus areas are hardware integration, graphics and especially multi-screen support and user interface design.
I have a university degree in management sciences, experience in managing software teams and software quality management.

Scuba Diving

My favorite pastime is scuba diving. I’m an experienced sports diver and not afraid of cold water. I dive a lot in the Netherlands, but also abroad. I am certified rescue, dry suit, deep, cavern and nitrox diver with about 200 dives in varying conditions under my belt.