Sebastian Kügler

Sebastian Kügler
Sebastian Kügler (sebas)

I am a passionate diver and technologist living in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. My friends call me “sebas”.


I love watersports. The ocean is my church.

My favorite pastime is scuba diving. I am an experienced sports diver and not afraid of cold water. I dive a lot in the Netherlands, but also abroad. I am certified rescue, dry suit, deep, cavern and nitrox diver with more than 400 dives in varying conditions all around the world under my belt. As of 2017, I am professionally trained to organize, prepare and guide and help educating other divers as divemaster.
Another passion of mine is freediving, a form of underwater diving that relies on my ability to hold my breath until resurfacing.

Software Development

I am an independent software developer experienced with embedded sofware using Qt, C++, Python and various web-related technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Websockets.

I also create software that enables privacy and puts its users in control. I do so in a world-wide community of like-minded people.
I am a core developer and architect of Plasma, a Free software project offering a graphical user interface for laptops and mobile devices, much like Microsoft Windows and Apple’s MacOS. I have professional experience in executive roles in both, not-for-profit organisations, as well as companies. I enjoy programming C++, Python and QML and a few other programming languages. My focus areas are hardware integration, graphics and especially multi-screen support, mobile devices and user interface design.

Organic Lighting

I create lamps. In 2020, I founded my own smartlighting company, Organic Lighting. We create and manufacture dynamic lighting products and experiences that bring spaces to life in an environmentally sustainable way. At Organic Lighting, I’m responsible for product design and development.

I have a university degree in management sciences, experience in managing agile software teams and software quality management.