Help us create a privacy-focused Free software smartphone!

The news is out! KDE and Purism are working together on a Free software smartphone featuring Plasma Mobile. Purism is running a crowdfunding campaign right now, and if that succeeds, with the help of KDE, the plan is to deliver a smartphone based on Plasma Mobile in January 2019.

Why do I care?

Data collection and evesdropping has become a very common problem. Not only governments (friendly and less-friendly) are spying on us, collecting information about our private lives, also companies are doing so. There is a lot of data about the average user stored in databases around the world that not only allows them to impersonate you, but also to steal from you, to kidnap your data, and to make your life a living hell. There is hardly any effective control how this data is secured, and the more data is out there, the more interesting a target it is to criminals. Do you trust random individuals with your most private information? You probably don’t, and this is why you should care.

Protect your data

Mockup of a Plasma Mobile based phone
Mockup of a Plasma Mobile based phone
The only way to re-gain control before bad things happen is to make sure as little data as possible gets collected. Yet, most electronic products out there do the exact opposite. Worse, the market for smartphones is a duopoly of two companies, neither of which has as a goal the protection of its users. It’s just different flavors of bad.

There’s a hidden price to the cheap services of the Googles and Facebooks of this world, and that is collection of data, which is then sold to third parties. Hardly any user is aware of the problems surrounding that.

KDE has set out to provide users an alternative. Plasma Mobile was created to give users a choice to regain control. We’re building an operating system, transparently, based on the values of Free software and we build it for users to take back control.

Purism and KDE

In the past week, we’ve worked with Purism, a Social Purpose Corporation devoted to bringing security, privacy, software freedom, and digital independence to everyone’s personal computing experience, to create a mobile phone that allows users to regain control.
Purism has started a crowdfunding campaign to collect the funds to make the dream of a security and privacy focused phone.

Invest in your future

By supporting this campaign, you can invest not only into your own future, become an early adopter of the first wave of privacy-protecting personal communication devices, but also to proof that there is a market for products that act in the best interest of the users.

Support the crowdfunding campaign, and help us protect you.

9 thoughts on “Help us create a privacy-focused Free software smartphone!

  1. That’s all great news, but………

    How about start showing some news about what’s being accomplished in Plasma Mobile (e.g.: maybe Once a week)?!

    this will make it to the news, gather more people, help Plasma Mobile project and the Crowdfunding campaign and you know what more……..

    it will show plasma mobile is NOT dead!!!

    i’m sorry for the way i putted the text, but it really makes me sad that such a great initiative is apparently being let go…

    If you can get a great Plasma UI out, independent from vendor and OS, it might take time, but you’ll see that in the end it will pay up. (there is nothing else out there, in fact!)

    I’m tired of android!

    1. Well, it surely isn’t dead. The thing is, I can choose on a daily basis whether to write blogs about Plasma Mobile features, or I could, you know, write code to create and improve the system itself.

      Free software is a collaboration game, you can get involved and pitch in with whatever you are good at, my day only has 24-point-something hours, and I have to pick the tasks that bring me towards my goals.

      Bottom-line: your advise is correct, perhaps timeto get involved and write about Plasma Mobile, perhaps once a week? :)

      1. Hi :)

        I was guessing you would reply that! It’s not the first time i get that answer (quite a few times, actually). And i honestly understand what you are saying! :)

        it’s kind of a double-blade sword… If you write posts, you loose code ours. If you don’t, everyone will think it’s dead and you don’t get any new coders or *sponsors*.

        Still, i believe a once a week quick post would help a lot.

        i wouldn’t mind writing it!
        But i’m not informed enough about the project. To know what’s going on, i would have to ask you. That would mean that you would loose about the same time explaining me whats going on as you would writing a post…

        meaning… there would be no gain about me writing. :)

        or is there a place where one could get a summary about Plasma-mobile news?

        1. There are a lot more ways to get to know about the project than asking me. You could follow our mailing lists, try Plasma Mobile, etc..

          Even if you asked questions, writing interesting articles is a lot more than just typing in a few answers, so if you’re up to writing about Plasma Mobile, join us and make it happen. The more time we have left to write code, the more to write about. (Also, we’re quite aware that we need to do a better job communicating, but yeah, above constraints… :))

  2. I have to Agree with John..

    It’s really frustrating to search for info and face a page with “news” from months or years ago.

    About the project…. I appreciate what you’re doing, but maybe could be good to have a sales pitch to people not so inclined to the FOSS culture.

    One feature that could be part of this discourse is the long, quick and constant updates.

    This is an advantage that every Android user can quickly understand TODAY.

    Anyway, just my two cents..

    Thank you for your hard work !!

  3. This is all great news. Regarding the Plasma Mobile project, where do I check the current state of the project and also how do I contribute to it ?

  4. I’m not fully convinced about the Mer bit. Besides the hardware part, I still don’t get how this is so different from the Mer approach.

    1. For one, Mer wasn’t so much about the user interface, apps, and the whole end-user side, but about the underlying operating system. Plasma Mobile has end-user focus. Mer and Plasma are really complementary.

  5. @Michael I think it’s been quite a while since Plasma was built on Mer. If you look at the Plasma-Mobile website ( you can see that it is currently built on AOSP (the Android Open Source Project).

    The Purism phone plans to use an ARMv7 or ARMv8 SoC which will run standard GNU/Linux when used with their own PureOS. My assumption (or hope?) is that this collaboration between KDE and Purism will make Plasma-Mobile work on standard GNU/Linux as well (instead of AOSP). Can someone confirm this (or does it already run on GNU/Linux)?

    Using GNU/Linux should bring with it the large selection of software that is already available for it.

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