Plasma at Akademy

As every year, also this year, I will be going to KDE’s yearly world summit, Akademy. This year, it will take place in Almería, Spain. In our presentation “Plasma: State of the Union“, Marco and I will talk about what’s going on in your favorite workspace, what we’ve been working on and what cool features are coming to you, and what our plans for the future are. Topics we will cover range Wayland, web browser integration, UI design, mobile and release and support planning. Our presentation will take place on Saturday at 11:05, right after the key note held by Robert Kaye. If you can’t make it to Spain next week, there will likely be video recordings, which I will post here as soon as they’re widely available.

Haste luego!

2 thoughts on “Plasma at Akademy

  1. There isn’t enough blog posts about Plasma here on Planet. You guys used to do better!

    Looking forward to the talks and the upcoming goodies.

    1. I agree, though of course the trade-off is always whether to write blog post, or to write or fix code…

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