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Sol Lewitt's wall drawing at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
A few weeks ago, I visited the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam for an exhibition of Henry Matisse’s works. What stuck is not a painting or collage by Matisse, but a wall drawing by Sol Lewitt. I took a photo with my phone and have since then used it as wallpaper for it, and it works well, colors are nicely toned, everything provides enough contrast, and I like how it looks on a screen.

Yesterday, when I needed a break from hacking on Plasma’s Wayland integration, I remade the photo into vector art to use it as wallpaper. You can download the result here (the wallpaper package has versions for all resolutions, including phone and landscape versions, you can just unzip the package into /usr/share/wallpapers).

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  1. Please don’t extract to /usr/share/wallpapers – that’s the realm of your package manager.
    Extract to ~/.local/share/wallpapers instead.

  2. If by “it works well”, you mean “forces you to take frequent breaks from looking at your desktop”, I 100% agree! It works well, … for that. :)

    Are our brains wired so differently, that you like looking at this as a wallpaper and I have a hard time with it? (Or is my monitor really terrible?) I find this image very disturbing, both as a small thumbnail and maximized to fill my screen, fooling me into thinking the lines are of uneven widths, and causing me visual distress after even ten seconds of continuous viewing. It’s not so much, I think, that I would dislike it if I were to view it in person, as that when transported from its context (presumably as shown in the photo below, which doesn’t have the same effect on me at all) into a different context as pixels on a screen, I think it has undergone a rather drastic transformation that may not be what the artist intended.

    By the way, what’s the title of the work? Is it a portion of #1084 (the far right panel of the image at the bottom of this page)? http://de-museologue.webnode.nl/news/het-stedelijk-museum-in-15-minuten/


  3. Or add it to kde-look and let us install it from ‘Get new wallpapers’ feature of plasma.

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