Plasma 2 Snapshot Demo

For those interested in the progress of KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2, I’ve recorded a demo video which shows a few aspects of the current state of development of the upcoming version of your favourite Desktop.

The demo video shows the new Plasma shell running, including a panel with the task manager. It shows a demo applet doing some OpenGL tricks. The Kwin window manager and compositor is running in its Qt5 / Frameworks 5 incarnation, and there’s konsole, which has also already been ported to Frameworks 5.

Of course, all the usual warnings apply: This is a very early state of development, many things are missing, unstable or do not perform well yet. There’s also a fair bit of user interface cleanup and streamlining to be expected.

We are just about to enter a state where the desktop becomes dogfoodable, so we can use it ourselves regularly and find and iron out all kinds of bugs. The good news is of course that this is the perfect time to get involved. While we’re not looking quite at the blank canvas that Plasma was when it came to be, right now we really are shaping the future of Plasma, you can take part in it and make it happen. We’ve compiled a list of tasks for Plasma 2 that need to be tackled. There’s of course also a lot of work still to be done for KDE Frameworks 5: many tasks, big and small are longing for attention. If there’s something interesting in there for you, or if you would like to see it happen more quickly, jump in! If you’re interested, in the release plans for all this new goodness, I recommend reading this article on KDE’s Dot. Rumours say that there’s an interesting follow-up article planned, so stay tuned!

If you want to give it a spin, you can build the whole thing from our git repositories, or use the Kubuntu Neon 5 packages to set up a test system.

7 thoughts on “Plasma 2 Snapshot Demo

  1. Surely this is not the place to say this, but I got to say it somewhere: I REALLY hope that in the next big release of KDE Frameworks will be an option to remove that tyrannic cashew from the desktop.

    1. It’ll be as easy as removing one QML package, or overriding it with whatever you want the toolbox to be.

      A Nyan Cat flying around your desktop, for example. :)

  2. Looks Good! The tabs in the second video at about 3:30 in the widget look pretty awesome. Any chance we will see them in more settings dialogues like system settings instead of the left sidebar (always thought it looks out of place and imho not very consistent) to select different categories?

    Best wishes,

    1. That’s actually one of our standard components (PlasmaComponents.TabBar). It can be used everywhere in QML like that, but not in QWidget-based UIs (which Systemsettings is still based on).

  3. What would KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma2 desktop offer over the current?
    Will there any drastic changes to how KDE looks and feels again like what happened to KDE 4 when it first came out?
    Will it be a stripped down tablet wannabe interface like gnome shell?
    Or will it keep desktop friendly?

    1. It won’t be a tablet interface, if you don’t want it to be one.

      Our strategy is to allow specific, per device user experience, so if you run it on a tablet, it will behave like a tablet UI. If you run it on a desktop or laptop, you’ll get a more traditional desktop (or however traditional or non-traditional you want to set it up).

      We are not planning drastic changes to primary workflows, but are improving on the pieces that are there. We certainly have enough headroom to improve things without breaking the user experience, and the pieces that are there, are in fact pretty good, so why ditch them and start anew?

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