4.8.0 is out :)

Simply the most polished, fast, flexible, beautiful and elegant desktop, ever.

KDE Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform 4.8 Improve User Experience

7 thoughts on “4.8.0 is out :)

  1. Great, thanks.

    If KDE people can go the extra mile to advise how distro users can upgrade to KDE4.8, that would be great.

    Else, 99.9% of KDE users will have to wait for their distro to upgrade.

    1. That’s actually something which could be easily contributed by distros or users. For openSUSE, if you’re looking for packages, read this page. Kubuntu and Ubuntu users can go here.

      Feel free to pop up on the kde-promo@kde.org list if you would like to help with putting package info together around releases, that would be much appreciated.

  2. Hey Sebas,

    Although I’ve been very silently I would like to thank you again for all your efforts and thank all those others too! I’ve been testing 4.8 and besides one little sporadic crash dialog it is rock solid and performing absolutely perfect! Thanks for everything!


  3. Please, consolidate data storage for Nepomuk and Akonadi Use two (or three!) databases for data is a waste of resources (best is to switch Akonadi to Virtuoso)


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