Plasma Active Perspectives

Plasma Active brings a flexible, elegant, activity-driven user experience to a spectrum of devices. This article is an overview of a series of blog posts I will be publishing over the coming days about different perspectives, or view points to Plasma Active.

Plasma Active One

As Plasma Active is a new user experience and integrated Free software stack for a range of devices, such as tablets, media centers, smartphones in-vehicle infotainment and $NEXT_POPULAR_FORM_FACTOR (tricorders, communicators, etc.).I will take the opportunity of our first release to explain Plasma Active’s underlying ideas in more detail. A series of blog will each tell the story behind Plasma Active from a different point of view. In the first installment, I’ll shed some light on the app story. We’ll look at Plasma Active’s answer to groupware, office and documents, multimedia and of course the web. In upcoming installments, we will look at Plasma Active’s developer story, its user story, its ODM and hardware story, and possibly more. With each installment, I will update the list below as the articles go online.

6 thoughts on “Plasma Active Perspectives

    1. Most of the Activity-related code is shared between Desktop and Active shells. Contour’s activity-related components (the resource views, share-like-connect) can be used on a desktop as well, just install them and you’re god to go.

      If you want to read more about Activities in Plasma Desktop, and are very good starting points. Specifically for Contour, you can visit .

  1. An article about devices (phones and tablets) would be nice. Upcoming and current devices where plasma active runs well

  2. Now that we have that awesome Active mandarine splash screen, I think it’s time to overhaul KDE Plasma Desktop startup screen? :P

    1. The QML-based splash screen is something we’ll probably see appearing in Plasma Desktop 4.8. Likely different visuals, but it’s now very easy to create new and cool splashscreens.

      The same goes for the screenlocker, by the way, which has seen a similar overhaul.

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