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Tonight, the new board of directors of KDE e.V. went out for dinner, generously (!) treated by our constituency.

It was a nice and relaxed dinner, gave us some good opportunity to brief Lydia (our newest board member) on how we work, boring stuff like where we store our documents, what to expect from our bi-weekly conference calls, what granularity of emailing we found to be productive, and so on. One official thing we always have to do (according to German foundation regulations, so-called “Vereinsrecht”) is appointing roles. Cornelius was volunteered as president, Frank as treasurer, both accepted their new and old responsibilities. I promoted from regular board member to vice president (which really only has a a theoretical meaning). The vote was, as usual a formal thing and we got it done between dumpling 2 and 3 on my plate, it took all of 3 minutes. Serious, effective, yet duely diligent. :P

We also used the opportunity to talk about non-board stuff, about our other projects in KDE (we’re also pretty active in the community outside of the board chores), private going ons, random fun things. I came back happy about our team, and looking forward to our work in the coming year. Just right.

Earlier this afternoon, we met with the GNOME board. There were also some personal changes in the new GNOME board, I especially enjoyed Ryan Lortie (desrt) having joined the board of directors of the GNOME foundation. I’ve met Ryan at several occasions in the past, and always found that we got a good click, enough differences to keep conversations interesting, but very much one the same line of communication. One of the topics was communications across the boards, and we thought that having some kind of ‘open communication channel’ for situtations which might turn unproductive would be good. Ryan and me volunteered, and we took immediate opportunity and went out for an afternoon drink, which I very much enjoyed.

While going to our dinner appointment, I had really two things in mind, love and hate. Not sure why those two words sprang to my mind, but I really hate saying goodbye to the people I love. Even if it’s very much a temporary thing (our meetings in the Plasma team have become pretty frequent, especially with Plasma Active One being on the horizon), having people leave after an intensive week of excellent collaboration always makes me kind of sad. That’s of course just an indication of how much I enjoy working in this excellent team, or maybe just a sign of exhaustion after a week of pushing the Free desktop to the next level with peers who are as passionate about this as I am. Tomorrow in the afternoon, I’ll take a train back home to the Netherlands, and will commence putting our plans (and continuation, tweaks thereof) to action. Exhausted after week of frantic Free software conferencing, but just as energized as if it were my first Akademy.

The coming weekend will be used for catching up on sleep, then next weekend, I’ll be at Froscon, where I’ll be presenting Plasma Active. Be there if you want to touch it yourself. :)

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    cheers & congrats to new members in the board!!!


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