Platform11 et al kicking off

Plasma Mobile Becomes Plasma Snowmobile

As has been clear from the past days’ blogposts on Planet KDE, the 2011 Randa sprints are kicking off here in the Wallis in southern Switzerland. Surprisingly, it snowed last night, and as we’re at an altitude of 1400m, it’s sticking around for a while. Those that arrive during the afternoon will be in for a snowballfight, I guess. I’ve also made sure the Free beer (new label!) is still tasty, and that the Suisse version of croissants (Kipferl) doesn’t bear any surprises. My train-ride here was calm, I could get a good couple of hours of sleep on the train that got me here during the past night, and enjoyed the massive mountains (which hide in the cloud) already. It’s slightly weird to see snow at the beginning of June, and I’m sure we’re in for a bunch of “WTF?!?” as more people arrive over the course of today. Mario has already posted some photos, just as quick impression.