Tokamak in Nijmegen

Tokamak 5 in NijmegenThis week’s a crazy one, at least according to our cat. The fifth edition of Tokamak (the Plasma team’s sprint) is taking place at my house, so I’ve got the house packed with geeks hacking away at godly and ungodly times. It’s been great so far, but just as well too busy for me to blog, or even answer my emails. (Feeding the various animals here trumps that, sorry. ;-))

So, what’s been happening? We’ve designed, discussed, implemented stuff, fixed bugs left and right and had quite some fun doing that. Aaron has already talked about some of the things we’re working on, my personal focus is on two aspects:

  • Improving overall user experience in Plasma Active
  • Visualisation of resources coming from Nepomuk

Both are fun topics, and I’ll blog about them in more detail once things settle down a bit here. If you’re curious, you can update your Plasma Active installation already, and follow our progress. I’m updating the packages regularly, so that you won’t fall behind too far during our development progress.

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