Things that make me happy today…

  • A pint of double espresso latte to start the day with. 
  • Having worked with awesome people on making this release happen. Notably (albeit not a complete list) Dirk for doing all the release engineering in the background, Will and Sebastian (the other one) working feverishly on last-minute performance problems, Toma, Emil, Ingo and all the other brave sysadmin and web people fr sub-zero reaction times, Nuno for supplying us with a stream of beautiful fresh artwork and screenshots, Stuart and a bunch of other kde-promo people for writing excellent release texts and screenshots. It’s quite humbling to work with such an excellent team. Thanks all!
  • Receiving some of nice words from various people. A positive word once in a while makes a huge difference. :)
  • Putting on a Placebo CD (Battle for the Sun) and identifying it as just the right kind of music.
  • Kim coming home with a bag of Roti, a surinamese spicy pancake dish, myummie.
  • Wondering why my laptop is offline, and having the network management Plasma widget tell me that it’s because I’ve flipped the killswitch. Some time ago, the same happened to me and I ended up with gdb in one hand and our network management software stack in the other, until some 20 minutes later I found out that it’s really the killswitch, that I’ve hit accidentally. Being somewhere in between amused and pissed off by this, I went ahead and added the fact that the killswitch is off to the network management Plasma widget’s tooltip. Time well spent. :)
  • The prospect of most of the KDE code moving to Git next weekend.
  • The irony of having the people that come to collect the old paper putting a piece of paper in the mail box telling that they’re a “Fanfare” group, (some folklore / carnival background, apparently), and that they’d use the money they’re get for the old paper (valuable raw material) for new instruments. I had wondered just about that, in an idle moment last week. In the spirit of supporting their cause, I’ll dutifully return the sheet of paper next time they come collecting.
  • A nice glass of Port wine (Graham’s Ruby Reserve) :-)
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