4.6.0 Available

I’ve just pushed the relevant buttons to make the release of 4.6.0 a public fact. Packages should appear shortly for your favourite operating system, I know that openSUSE packages are available from Factory now, so start your zypper already.4.6.0 Released

The release is actually a pretty big thing, it adds a lot of new features, some of which very visible, others being less noticable. There’s the mobile profile for example, which makes it much easier to use KDE frameworks in your mobile application. Then we have the re-vamped activity manager, that adds a way to group applications in their context and makes it possible to manage these activities like sessions. So head over and read what’s new in the Plasma Workspaces, the applications and the KDE development platform.

7 thoughts on “4.6.0 Available

  1. posted a bit prematurely, apparently I had loaded them from mailing list a little while ago when they indeed were blank but forced refresh from browser showed all the information. Sorry for false alarm :)

  2. Congrats on the release. Using it since RC1 and it is simply awesome. Miss the new KDEPIM though. BTW shouldn’t the Reddit and Digg links in announcement be updated with links posted in comments on the dot story.

  3. What about kmail and kontact? Are they released today as well or are they released separately? Just curious as the kdepim suite, should use akonadi from now on….

    1. Their Release has been delayed a bit. While KMail2 is already looking pretty good (actually using it on this machine, with about 80.000 Emails via IMAP), it’s not 100% end-user ready. Those issues will hopefully be sorted out within a couple of weeks, though. The light at the end of the tunnel is already well-visible (and it doesn’t look like a freight-train, but like a sunny meadow of PIM happiness ;-)).

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