Running for the openSUSE Board.

I’ve just sent off an email, in which I’m announcing my availability as candidate for the openSUSE board, which will be elected in early 2011. Here’s what I wrote:

Hey openSUSE community, valued election committee,

Following up on the call for candidates, I’d like to let you know that I’m intending to run for the openSUSE Board.

In my dayjob, I am responsible for user experience at open-slx, and will be able to invest time on a regular basis into participating in the openSUSE board. I have a degree in business science, which gives me some formal insight into organisational processes, this has helped my work for the KDE e.V. in the past, and it will surely be benefitial for openSUSE. I am 34 years old, and live in Nijmegen, in the east of the Netherlands.

I have more than 4 years of experience in administering a Free software project (I’m member of the KDE e.V. board since 2006), and during this period have helped turning the KDE e.V. into an effective community representation and supporting organisation, which in many ways acts as a role model to other, similar organisations. The Geeko in me is about 9 years old, it started with openSUSE 7.2, which got me hooked on Linux. After a period of trying all kinds of Linuxen, I’m firmly back to openSUSE for about two years now.

openSUSE represents to me a technically excellent product with a friendly, helpful and skilled community around it that is failing to realise its potential, and in many ways is searching for orientation and a clear mission. Aside from organisational topics, this process I’d like to facilitate.

My platform for the elections is to help set up the openSUSE e.V. (or rather a legal representation of the community, as outlined in the current plans), and to help the community through the process of becoming more independent from Novell, which in my opinion is important for the growth and sustainability of openSUSE as product and community. I’m a Free software dude by heart, and the principle and ethics of the Free software community will be what drives my decisions as executive. My experience as "cat-herder" will be beneficial in the same way.

I do realise that my involvement in the openSUSE community has been fairly transparant, following things from the sideline, stepping in actively here and there, and certainly far from taking on any role as rock-star. I am planning to further ramp up my profile, since that a) will make the members’ decision during the elections a lot easier, and b) it improves accessibility and visibility of the TOTRoS (The Organisation That Represents openSUSE).

This email is just to let you know in advance that I’m intending to run for the board. As I /also/ intend to go on vacation on Friday, I might appear unresponsive until ~christmas. Still, I opted for letting everybody know early on that I’m intending to run (rather than sending my note of intent to run after christmas), as planning will likely make the work of the election committee a bit easier.

Surely, if you’ve questions already, feel free to ask. I will, after returning from vacation be more outgoing about my involvement with openSUSE and my ideas and plans for the openSUSE board.

Thanks for your attention, and your support.

*jumps off the soapbox*



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