Up’ed to wordpress 3.0

I’ve upgraded my weblog to WordPress 3.0, if you encounter anything weird or wrong, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

To make this blog entry slightly more useful, I’ve found the Android WordPress application pretty handy. In order to prevent spam, I’ve enabled moderation for the first comment of a person. This way I can more easily keep moderation times down and make that necessity a bit less annoying by quickly approving non-spam comments on my blog. The Akismet spam filter is already pretty good with 99.8% accuracy, the overall ratio spam vs. comments being roughly 50/50. Comment spam that slips through Akismet is caught in moderation, that way I can make sure that no spam shows up at all. WordPress on Android makes the approval process rather handy. It would be nice if the app could automatically check for comments and notify of new ones that need moderation though. If you don’t like web browsers to manage your wordpress blog, I find Blogilo as a desktop client and wordpress on Android app a very nice combo.

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