The KDE e.V. Board, May 2010

As we’re having a board meeting in the KDE e.V. office in Berlin, we thought we’d take a photo for posterity.

Left to Right: Cornelius Schumacher (President), Frank Karlitschek Celeste Lyn Paul, Sebastian Kügler, Adriaan de Groot

Claudia Rauch, KDE e.V.’s business manager took the photo. Normally, I’m not the overdressed one (but I do wear my KDE 4.0 Release Event t-shirt underneath. On the photo, it’s not very well visible, but Celeste does have part of her hair blue.

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4 thoughts on “The KDE e.V. Board, May 2010

    1. Those are the Akademy T-Shirts from Belgium.

      (Belgium is the Mexico of Europe.)

  1. Man, Iron Maiden really let themselves go !!!

    Who knew that some of them also moonlighted in the Blue Man Group.


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