More Plasma Network Management Updates.

Since there were quite some changes in the Network Management machinery in KDE Plasma over the last days, I thought I’d sum them up here, as to update the brave that already use the as of now unreleased Plasmoid.

  • Plugin name changed – We’ve changed the name of the networkmanagement plasmoid plugin to from "networkmanagement" to "org.kde.networkmanagement" in order to avoid possible future naming conflicts. This means that you might need to re-add the NM widget to your notification area (do that using the config dialog and checking the Network Management plasmoid)
  • SVN switched from KNM to the Plasma Widget – I’ve just committed a set of changes that enable the NM Plasma widget by default, this means no more pesky manual loading of the kded service module. It also means that the autostart file for knetworkmanager is not installed anymore, since we’re using the Plasmoid now. If you’re compiling from SVN trunk, you can use cmake -DINSTALL_KNM_AUTOSTART=ON to get it back. Make sure you prevent the kded module from autoloading (or just unload it), if you want to go with knm (Alternatively, tell us why you prefer knm above the Plasmoid and we’ll try to fix it).
  • New artwork – As you can see, we have been working hard on improving the visuals of the NM widget. While it’s not perfect yet, it’s definitely getting better in terms of consistency, layout and overall visual appearance. With a bit of help from notmart, the Plasma NM widget in trunk now uses artwork from the Air theme, which is installed by kdebase. For backwards compatibility (I like all those people testing on 4.4!), we’ve chosen to install the artwork for "older" versions (last week and before), but we might be lax updating it (as it happens with copies of files in source trees).
  • New souls – Over the past days, two new hackers have started sending patches for our network management machinery. One is Lamarque Vieira Souza, who has been working on modemmanager integration, that stuff that gets you on the Internet when relying on 3G, HDSPA and the like. The other one is Andreas Demmer, who has been continously testing the Plasmoid over the last months, already contributed some artwork, and today finally got his SVN account and started committing fixes. Welcome, guys!
  • Many others – There were also many other changes, some fixing bugs, others small layout improvments, those will keep coming.

As you can see, we’re on the home stretch for a first release, fixing up all kinds of small issues, testing, reviewing things. After that, we’ll move the NM Plasmoid to KDE Extragear and release it from there. Before or with 4.5. Promise.

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5 thoughts on “More Plasma Network Management Updates.

  1. the widget is surely promising, but looks like it occupies half of a netbook’s screen

  2. Great to see. I am using Kubuntu 10.04 and the network manager is not the best as it is – although that may not be KDEs fault :)

    I am very happy to see that it is getting some love. Keep it up!

  3. Anyone else having problems with tray icon rendering?

    After every desktop restart, NM icon looks like this:
    icon is probably not “redrawn” after system tray size changes (during desktop startup), because “icon” is smaller than it should be. This problem disappears once icon is redrawn (i.e. unpluging cable, or connection to some random wifi help, because it invokes icon changes).

    PS: I am using kubuntu with kde 4.4.3

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