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Thanks to my unrestful ex-colleague and current coffee-buddy Ade, my blog is back online, as you can see. Now I have to figure out why Blogilo works fine on one machine, but has problems getting my blog’s metadata on another one (my laptop). Blogilo is another one of those applications from the category Internet I’d rather not live without. Writing blogs offline (on trains, for example), adding media (screenshots for example, those seem to be quite popular) to blogs is just so much easier if you don’t have to deal with the uploading yourself but get it done in the background. And now I’ve mentioned screenshots, I should probably also show one (since it’s that easy). I’ll pick the new interface details in the Network Management plasmoid. In the screenshot, you can see what you get when you click on a network interface, it’ll show you additional information about the interface, and if connected some basic traffic stats. For this, I’ve used the systemmonitor dataengine and the Plasma::SignalPlotter widget, so the patch to add this nice little feature weighed in at only about 50 lines of code. The widget only updates when the details are shown to save power cycles when it’s not in use, but you can switch to the details and then dismiss the popup (which happens automatically with our focus policy), and it will keep collecting data. If you switch back to the normal view (using the back button), it’ll stop updating. I’m also happy to have received Andreas Demmer’s first patch today, which looked good right away and has been merged already. He changed the back button in the details widget to be more consistent with other buttons, so that’s a nice addition. Andreas has been keeping an eye on the development of the networkmanagement plasmoid, and has been providing useful feedback in the process. So there’s another step on the ladder towards hacker-heaven. (Yes, Plasma development is *that* cool. :-))

Another thing that plays a rather important role in my daily workflow is the Quassel IRC Client, which is an IRC client that allows you to easily use different machines for your IRC needs, without the need of logging in and out all the time and losing the history of your conversations. So if you found my IRC presence to be wonky during the last days, it should be better now.

I hear you asking "The real relevance of this post is…?" Well, is also back online, so your Konqueror shortcut "kde:<classname>" works again — although I’d expect that by now, every sensible hacker has loaded this file into Qt Assistant (Edit | Preferences | Documentation | Add…) and have both Qt and KDE docs available in one place.

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  1. Looks incredible!

    Only I have a little question, how is managed the refresh of the connections list? each minute the list is updated and/or we will have a “refresh” button to update the list manually? I would like the refresh button… :P

  2. For better or worse, refreshing the wireless networks list is something NetworkManager does, and it does not offer any API to “rescan” to my knowledge. Your options are to trust NM to scan at the right time, or check with the NM guys if your particular use case warrants adding this feature.

    In my personal experience, updating the connection list works pretty OK (it didn’t with previous versions of NM).

  3. Hello, nice work in GUI polishing. Especially interface details are getting better and better.
    It would be even better, if it shows subnet mask (number of subnet bits in line with IP). Also back-button is quiet small, what about to use the same back-button as kick off menu or quickaccess plasmoid?

    1. Did you actually try using it and did you have problems hitting it or are you just judging visually?

      1. Here is screen of my desktop:

        As you can see, “back'” arrow is not very visible, much less than on your screenshot. I don’t have problems hitting it, but it is much more complicated than opening interface details.

          1. Thanks, now can be arrow symbol clearly recognized even when using my theme :) Btw. the same button size has disconnect button, but close symbol is much more visible.

            PS: during testing, i found out, that switching back from interface details resets show more / show less status, i.e:

            1. set it, so that connection list shows “more” connections
            2. open and close any interface details
            3. connection list is showing only “less”‘ connection. Bug or feature? :)

          2. Feature, in this case. I’m trying to strike a balance between consistent behaviour in the UI, and everything keeping its state. There are some tweaks to be made, still, though, such as better updating and hiding of the “show more…” button and showing what the list actually holds in that state in the label above it (the problem here is that it must not be too wide, since we’re using bigger fonts there and we don’t want to blow up the layout — need to think about translations here as well.

  4. Hi

    I really like your panel icon theme. Where could I findi it?

  5. That looks great :) I’ve got a pretty recent version installed on my ArchLinux:

    knetworkmanager-svn 1127283-1

    Sadly I’ve got an issue with my connections – they won’t show up in the right pane of the plasmoid… Initially I thought those weren’t implemented yet… but well… your screenshot proves they are…. does anybody have an idea what could be wrong with my setup? (or provide any hints which config/log files to look at)

    Thanks for your great work :) nice balance of coolness and functionality :)

    1. Nice to hear you like our work :-)

      This blog entry has the most likely explanation (the part around “qdbus” is interesting) for your problem with connections not showing up. I’ve just committed a change that should make this part just work, more details can be found here

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