4.4.0 Out

Last night the launch of the new kde.org website, today the release of KDE SC 4.4.0, the past weeks have been rather busy in release-team and promo-team land. Let me just say that I’m glad that it’s finally out, that I want to say thanks to everybody involved for making this happen, and to all the users: Enjoy! :) KDE 4.4.0 is a very noticable upgrade to whatever you were running before, judging by the betas and release candidates.

Looking forward, this month has some travelling lined up for me as well. Next week, I’ll be going to Berlin to see my dear colleagues (and have them demo me Akonadi on my phone), then on to Tokamak4, the upcoming edition of the Plasma Hackfest in Nürnberg’s openSUSE offices, and after that a weekend in Düsseldorf with K for the Depeche Mode concert we had to miss last summer due to Dave Gahan’s bladder cancer.

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