I’m a *real* developer …

… not just a marketing guy. :-) During the Qt Developer Days in Munich, I took the Qt certification exam (actually as one of the first people to take it). It was my birthday, so they let me pass:

Nokia Certified Qt Developer
Also, right now I’m in Reykjavik, Iceland for the KDAB company meeting and 10 year anniversary. Preliminary conclusions: Watch out for roastbeef, it tastes like whale, riding on a horse feels like riding a square-wheeled bicycle (but slightly more scary) and having infinite amounts of energy under your rearside makes for interesting and relaxing uses and given a large-ish island with tectonic and seismic activity, you’ll find the capital at the most likely spot for an earthquake.

5 thoughts on “I’m a *real* developer …

  1. It’s 50 multiple choice questions, if you have been working with Qt for a bit, you should be able to answer them.

  2. Never mind the roast beef – you can get that back home. Try the hangikjöt (heavily smoked lamb).

    Or actual whale. For a quick taste, you can get minke sushi or sashimi at Sushibarinn on Bankastræti. You’ve most likely walked past it already.

    1. I’ve had three varieties of lamb, roast, stew and battered filet. Thanks for the suggestion, though…

      As to the whale, it wasn’t roastbeef (I initially mistook it for that), but it was Minke Whale filet. Close enough ;-)

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