Qt DevDays Report Published on Heise; Silk

After visiting the Qt developer days last week (in my capacity as KDAB‘ian, I got the opportunity to train my rusty German a bit. I had been asked to write a report for Heise (a German IT publisher of the C’t and iX magazines). My report has been published yesterday, you can read it here (again, our theme this week is: No English ;-)). So now I’m a journalists (on the Internet, everyone is).
I’ve published a similar article (this time in English, but it went public last week, so it doesn’t count) on The Dot.

Work on Silk is also progressing nicely. I’m getting more and more the hang of Webkit and what cool stuff you can do with it. Richard Moore has just been blogging about our adventures with webkit on QGraphicsView. I had collected some information about that during DevDays and the Maemo summit the weekend before where I met Kenneth (at both events), a Danish/Brazilian QtWebkit hacker and Ariya (the food guy) who patiently answered my questions. More about progress in Silk will be revealed in the coming weeks as we’re making good progress.