Interview with Pardus, Nouvelle Vague

I’ve been interviewed again, and this time the resulting article is published in Turkish, in the Pardus E-Zine. There must be a theme that I always post links to interviews when only parts of the audience can read it. One day, I’ll get you all. The photo’s are universally legible, though. They’re also proof that I’m the most relaxed hacker in the world, an important thing if you ask me.

On Sunday night, I went to Utrecht to see Nouvelle Vague, a French band performing in Tivoli. It was a nice concert, musically on a very high level and with a good portion of fun. The girls, Melanie and Nadeah, were both entertaining and charming (how cute can you be, performing the Dead Kennedy’s song “too drunk to fuck“?), playing some kind of new wave version of good cop, bad cop with reversed dress colors, which gave the concert a very nice touch.