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Earlier this year, while working on Lion Mail I wanted to be able to drag and drop references to items stored in Akonadi, I ran into some limitations we had in Plasma — in KDE 4.3, it is basically only possible to drop local files onto Plasma, with some exceptions. Think of dragging a photo from your file or image browser onto Plasma, and it offers to create a picture frame plasmoid on the desktop (or netbook, or whatever Plasma shell you use). or The underlying problem is the mimedata dropped either contains a URL or mimedata. The second case is clear, get the mimetype, find applets that can deal with it, add such an applet to the desktop and pass it the mimedata as arguments. Applets can specify, as parts of their metadata (actually an entry in their .desktop file) which mimetypes they support. For remote URLs, it’s not quite simple. It’s generally not possible to safely derive the mimetype of the data a link points to from its URL. The mimetype needs to be retrieved from the remote object (in most case, this doesn’t involve downloading the whole file, luckily, but just asking for the mimetype). As it’s likely a network operation, it can potentially take forever. We need to make sure we don’t freeze Plasma while waiting for the mimetype, so it has to be asynchronous. What we’re doing now when a URL is dropped, we start a KIO Job to retrieve the remote file’s mimetype, as long as the job’s running, we show a menu with a spinner, and repopulate the menu with suitable applets once the mimetype is in. The job retrieving the mimetype is then put on hold, and marked ready for reuse. This trick speeds up loading of the content from the applet, and the connection doesn’t have to be renegotiated. This mechanism works well now, I actually got it to work during the hacking sessions at GCDS, and merged it a few weeks later into KDE trunk/ to be part of KDE 4.4. Aaron has done a screencast showing this mechanism for wallpapers, it’s pretty neat.

(You can download an ogg version on blip.tv as well.)

The problem with this mechanism is that it’s not flexible enough for a couple of things I’d like to do, especially not for Akonadi, and also not for applets we want to create based on a specific web service, or anything else that you can safely derive from the URL. I’ve been thinking about a good solution for this for some time, but didn’t have high hopes to actually make it work in time for KDE 4.4, with the feature freeze looming in only a couple of weeks. On Sunday, I had told Steve (he asked for Akonadi/Plasma interaction, see below) that KJots notes (which are stored in Akonadi) should be drag’n’droppable between Kontact and Plasma (and possibly other applications), and that the way to go would be to pass around typed references to akonadi items by URL (basically akonadi: as protocol, the item’s unique id and its type wrapped into a URL). A lame suggestion in fact, since I knew it wouldn’t work. Then I figured if Plasma::Applet could just tell me which applets are suitable for a given URL (a mechanism similar to the mimetype-based finding of applets), we’d be peachy. Hacked up a patch for that and got it working just before I went to bed, had some good feedback the next day. So I went to clean up and optimise the patch a bit, had it review-boarded overnight and committed it this morning. Applets can now provide matching patterns for URLs. You put a wildcard (or a list of wildcards, useful if you want to cover some subdomains, but not others), in the .desktop file of the applet like this:


You can use the usual wildcard syntax, and put in multiple patterns (separate them with a “,”). This makes your applet automatically appear in the popup you get when you drop something onto Plasma. The patch weighed in at 35 new lines of code, quoting Aaron “impressive what’s possible with so little code”.

On an semi-related note, Lion Mail is getting better with every Qt release. Painting and clipping problems I had in scrolling with graphicswidgets seem to be gone completely when using Qt 4.6 snaps. Some automatic relayouting issues remain. Lion Mail’s Email QGraphicsWidget (the canvas-based equivalent to a “normal” QWidget) used dynamic relayouting pretty heavily, as it shows different parts of an email based on the screen space available for the applet. I’ll have to revisit some of this, it might be interesting to take the concepts and implement them using QML & declarative UI tech for that, and also making use of the Pure Awesomeness of steveire’s Elite EntityTreeModel for Akonadi. I’ll let him figure out how this works best for KJots first, though. :)

2 thoughts on “Dropping $stuff onto Plasma

  1. In case of Akonadi, wouldn’t the KIO MIME fetch approach also work?
    Or do we currently not install the IO slave?

    1. It’s not on my system, in any event.

      It also doesn’t necessarily do what you think it will. The difference is between “Plasmoids that understand email data, judging by their mimetype” and “Plasmoids that are able to load an email using an Akonadi URL”.

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