Weblog updated

I’ve finally taken the plunge and updated my weblog. Previously, I used my own RSS class, written in PHP many years ago. Posting to my blog involved editing an XML file which was then parsed into RSS and for the website. Pretty urgh altogether.

I’ve now moved over all the content to a wordpress install and integrated it with my website. It looks like a smooth transition right now, I kept the old mechanism in place (so URLs do not become invalid) and was able to import all my old posts (192) into wordpress. The old system was lacking a couple of things, and was in fact very 1990’s. New features in my blog are:

  • Comments. This wasn’t possible with the old system and something I’ve been missing for quite some time.
  • Search
  • OpenId login for posting comments
  • Categories
  • All the other goodness wordpress brings

The most important thing to me is a better blogging workflow though. I’m using Bilbo Blogger as local client. It provides a nicer wysiwyg editor, is able to save posts locally (and should work fine offline, I tend to write blogs on trains). It also makes adding pictures to your blog a lot less cumbersome. You can just refer to images on your local disk and bilbo will upload the image and change the link accordingly. There’s also spell-checking and previewing. Pretty nice and fairly silky.

All this didn’t go without the necessary hitch. An old post and an empty one popped up on the planets. Sorry for that!