Plasma’s panel is now resizable, interviewed.

The two hackers just got away from this horrible incident.
Yesterday, Sebastian Sauer commited some changes to the Plasma panel that make it possible
to resize it. This has been a much-wanted feature. Earlier already, Olivier Goffart has made
it possible to have two rows of tasks in the taskbar, and also to only show windows from
the current virtual desktop in the taskbar. Result is a much better configurable panel now.
You guys rock. :-)

I sat down and started fixing some applets
that didn’t behave quite well at small sizes. One victim was the digital clock. The battery
now tries a bit harder to squeeze itself in the space it gets, and the panel now actually
respects the taskbar font setting from kcontrol. I’ve also added some animations to the battery,
so now if you unplug your AC adapter, you can actually see the AC adapter flash
disappear, so the battery applet gives the user a bit more feedback. Also, the label
showing the charge percentage on top of the battery now fades in and out nicely.
Plasma::Phase goodness all over. :-)

On other news, during the last days, I also gave an
to Richard Hughes for Linux Tech Daily.