First-hand KDE news.

As some of you know, the KDE Marketing Team has a so-called press channel for some time now. We
feel that it’s a good idea to make this more well-known to the media, so here’s a call for
more participants. The press channel is a low-traffic mailinglist we subscribe interested
journalists to. The press channel offers first-hand information, and often even scoops to news
before we officially publish it. Sometimes, we even put additional material, such as screenshots
into the channel for free reuse in your (the journalists’) stories. The format of the messages in
the press channel is kept very brief. One should be able to judge from the content in less than 20
seconds if it’s interesting material. Additional information is provided through links, so it’s easy to
start doing research for a story.

Why am I telling this? There are actually two reasons. One is to make the work of the Marketing Team,
that is often going on behind the curtains more transparant. Another reason is to
invite more journalists
to the party, so we increase coverage on KDE in the media and the
community reads more actual and better researched news. We want to make it easy for journalists
to cover KDE in the media.

So if you’re an interested journalists, please get in contact with me via my email (
and tell me that you’d like to join the press channel. As motivation, your affiliation is handy
information for us. If you know journalists who could take advantage of this, please let them know, or
point them at this blog entry.