You know you’re in good company …


… when the people around you recognise Plan9
instead of mundane things like Easter,
or (possibly) worse: Playboy. In fact, the picture shows a piece of
Papadum on a hot Nepalese curry.

In other news, it’s totally summer in the Netherlands, had my first bbq yesterday (not on a
admittedly) a lovely biological Ribeye steak.
On May 31st, I’ll be giving a presentation about KDE4 in the maintrack at
Linuxtag, I
started with preparations for it today. The rest of the day was mainly the business you’d expect
returning from a couple of days being away: emailing people, reading other people’s email (the
longer ones
you don’t get around to).

Tomorrow we’ll announce the students that will make it into the finals of the
CodeYard award.

While reading various announcements on
The Dot, I’m extremely thrilled by the programme for this
aKademy. I do hope the
Call For Locations for aKademy 2008 will not be
completely snowed under. So think about it!

Travelling at the speed of snort

I’m currently on a train that left an hour ago in Brussels, and about to descend into a
large black
which will I’ll travel through for roughly 20 minutes, at 160km/h and at 40m below sea
Exciting, if you’re aware of that. Other than that, having a cold and being in environment with
airpressure sucks since the cold makes it harder to decompress your ears.
It seems travel season is in full swing again, mostly for the sake of Free Software (and
admittedly a bit
of sightseeing and beer in between). I’ve been blogging very little lately since I just didn’t
feel like
(which I should because communication is important, oh well).

Late February, I’ve been to FOSDEM in Brussels (beer!), it’s been a great event, met lots of
nice people
among them Trolltech’s community manager Knut Yrvin, some people from the SQO-OSS project, more
people. Knut, friendly as he is invited me to Oslo to sit down with Trolltech’s marketing people
in order
to have a look at how KDE and Trolltech can work together more closely on this topic. We synced
meeting with Aaron touching down for 36 hours in Oslo. Turns out that within Trolltech, most
developers do
know KDE very well, whereas the marketing it’s actually not that ubiquitous. :-) The meeting
very productive in terms of short-term items that we can work on (there’s new accessibility
features in
Qt4 that might be very important points when organisations think about deploying KDE, for
example). We
could also think about creating marketing material together — for Trolltech, it’s showcasing
Qt, for KDE
it’s showing our balls.

So the train got into this big dark hole and the journey to London continues. Later today, we’ll
join a
meeting of the British Computer Society’s Open Source Specialist Group, featuring a talk about
an Open
Source approach to Healthcare automation, not exactly my domain of expertise, most probably
definitely followed op by a beer or two.

Tomorrow morning, the third SQO-OSS project meeting will kick off. Those meeting are essential
for the
success of a European research project such as SQO-OSS, it gives us the opportunity to talk
about the
stuff we’re doing, mind you, not everyone is evenly communicative when it comes to email and
so I’m looking forward to some of the stuff others have been up to. Socialising with your
colleagues that
are usually located across half of the continent is a good thing, too. Not at least, sitting on
trains for
six hours mandates to talk with your direct colleague (ade, taking a nap right next to me
typing). I’ve
taken a week off from work-work last week, the yield of that is some detailed ideas of what I’ll
working on within KDE the next time. It involves merchandising (made some mockups for t-shirts
aKademy, for example) and bringing KDE’s business
to life by coupling it with KDE e.V.’s Supporting
Membership programme
. The latter needs more
thinking, both issues did not yet enter implementation stage.

In early May, I’ll be at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, later in May, I’ll probably
travel to
Berlin for Linuxtag2007. Oh, and Kim asked for a bit of vacation, too. ;-)