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KDE is visiting a lot of events on a yearly basis. In most cases, the booth is staffed by
volunteers. A successful event attendance depends on a number of factors, if those aren’t
considered, it might end in frustrated, or even burnt out contributors. But getting it right
is not just about “went good / bad”, there are various shades of grey. Having a look at past
events, the most important factors seem to be in two groups, general considerations and
and per-event planning. Let’s see what those two are about:


  • What events are there, when and where?
  • Are there people who would like to represent KDE at this event?
  • Is there material for events, such as demo hardware, demo data, flyers?
  • Is there merchandising material and goodies available? Where can that be
    gotten from? What material is there? Can we have special stuff made?

Per Event

  • How do I get the boothmaterial?
  • What do I need to know to run a booth?
  • How can I get merchandising material? What do I need to know to handle it?
  • What event-specific planning is required?

Parts of those problems have solutions already. For example, we know who can get us
material, we have some booth material in the form of the boothbox. The
SpreadKDE team is
working on a module for the SpeadKDE platform to make planning easier. What we’re really
lacking is
cool stuff, such as well-designed merchandising materials. Doing an event should be more or
a routine task, so we can concentrate on the fun stuff and on what exactly we want to show.
let’s try to get the organisation in place so that event planning and attending is an easy
fun task.

So to tackle this, we’re putting together the KDE Event Coordination Task Force (KECTF).
This group of people will
think about how to solve all those issues (Most of them are fun to deal with for the right
If you want to be part of it, if you’ve input on those issues, or just would like to design
a flyer,
a t-shirt, …, subscribe to the
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