Dot journalists wanted.

The KDE Marketing Team is looking for journalists for the dot. You don’t need to be a
professional journalists, but some writing skills will definitely help.
Half an hour (or more, to your liking) of spare time a
week (or maybe even less often) is enough already, so please consider joining
the KDE Marketing Team as a
writer for the dot — KDE’s premium news site.

Although you won’t get paid, your contribution will have considerable effect on the
KDE community and often, your stories will also be picked up by the world-wide press.

Right now, there is a shortage in people that are willing to write and publish a story
on, which is a shame since al lot the goodness
that is being produced within the KDE project will go unnoticed.

So if you have some time and want to contribute to KDE,
subscribe yourself
to the
kde-promo mailinglist and send a note
that you want to contribute as a dot journalists.
It’s a very rewarding task and you can make a difference!