Ubuntu Dev Summit Mountainview.

Arrived in San Francsico yesterday, and had already met some Ubuntu people on the plane from
one hour later, we were at the hotel in Sunnyvale and things started to settle down. Had
some Indian food that night and went to bed early (the day had already been more than
24 hours long in terms of hours being awake).

That resulted in me being quite fit this morning (despite the long trip yesterday),
and enjoying a good start of the Ubuntu Developers Summit at the Googleplex in Mountainview.

The Summit starts quite promising, the motto for Feisty, which we’ll be sketching this
week is “make things just work”, and that includes some polishing of the multimedia, such
as getting ALSA to work nicely, codec installation, and more.
People from a lot of different groups came here, for example the guys from the Beryl
community (went out with Jason last night, where we had an interesting discussion about
how the compositing manager community looks like at the moment, and why it’s been split up),
then there’s Ivan from the OLPC team (he was my roomie at the last summit in Paris, so
it’s really nice to see him here again, he even waved around with one of those toy
laptops :-)), of course people from the GNOME community (already saw dholbach around here,
gotta hug him later), Oliver from Edubuntu (already talked a bit during breakfast), and
of course lots of others.
The industry is also quite well represented, SUN, Intel, Novell, ATi, Nvidia promised
to drop by, and of course our host Google. Leslie from Google welcomed us with free hugs.
obviously some cultural overlap between KDE and Google. :-)

My personal agenda for this Summit includes topics such as getting Marketing of KDE and
Kubuntu a bit aligned (and planning it in the first place), while looking forward to the KDE4
release. I’ll of course also be discussing improvements in
powermanager (Luka is here, we finally met
yesterday night :-)), and I’ll be providing input to various other topics.

Then there were some introducing talks of Mark Shuttleworth, Scott James Remnant,
Matt Zimmerman, Colin Watson, and other. And now, let’s get to work!

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