Photos from the KDE4 Branding Meeting in Darmstadt, Germany

I’ve got a shiny new telephone, a Nokia n73. It has a big display, colorful icons,
it can play music, take photos, show images, view pdf files and much more.
Playing around with it tricked me also into the experience that I see my first
complete freeze of the telephone. In the course of getting the new phone, I also
had to buy a memory chip (miniSD, wich I found out is not microSD, or even
‘normal’ SD, of course I need the faster version!). I’m serious asking myself
how much harder the industry that creates such a mess will make it.

On the bright side, I managed, after a long struggle to have some internet shop
ship me an AMD X2 4600+ for socket 939. They’re quite hard to get. The reason is
probably that if I wanted to upgrade to a new socket AM2 motherboard, I’d also have to
replace my graphics card and memory, all less than two years old and more than fast
enough for what I’m likely to do with it.

Eva already blogged about the two two-day
meetings she hosted (thanks!). The Marketing Meeting went really well, especially
since it’s one of the first meetings of this team. We took a lot of notes, which
have to be polished and put up on SpreadKDE, we hope to get that done within the week.
Check on kde-promo if you don’t want to miss the progress. :-)
In the course of the first day,
we discussed in different session the current state of the art of branding-related
topics in KDE. Target Groups and Community Identity being the most important.
We began the second day with a longer, split-out session. The first group worked
out a rough planning of branding-related areas, such as artwork, public relations,
copywriting, …). The second group took an attempt to work out different possible
target groups for KDE ‘brands’.
The general way to go will be that KDE as it is should become an umbrella brand
that shares (parts of) its Community Identity with different brands such as KOffice,
Oxygen, Plasma, or the KDE desktop as you use it now, KDE technology as a development
platform and not at least the great and bright community around it.
We structured the Team using the Community Identity as a template. Wade Olson,
Gerner and Claire Lotion stepped up and agreed to giving a go to coordinate the effort.

We also had presentations about various topics. Jürgen Gerner
educated us about Emotional Marketing, Christian Bobzin of
Konsylo gave information Viral Marketing.
It’s really exciting to see the team flourish, to see a group of professionals in
that area get together and work out an improved way of presenting a diverse and
strong community such as KDE is.s

Day 3 and 4 of the DarmstadtMeetings was the Board Meeting we started with a packed
agenda. Eva has already written something about it, so I’ll try to cover different
topics here.
On Monday night, we met Carsten from a company named iverse. Carsten works on a way
of file and data browsing that involves visual representation of the data, sorted by
different characteristics in a 2d space. Check Carsten told us he’d
like to see those concepts (and maybe code) reappearing in KDE. It’s an exciting
On Tuesday, we paid a visit to Wikimedia Deutschland, who have a couple of months ago
hired an Executive Director who’s handling the daily business Wikimedia, keeping the
administrative part of running a Free Culture project going. Since we have similar
Arne and Matthias from Wikimedia had a lot of good advice, and good experience
with taking this step.

I’m very happy with both meetings in general, we made great progress in most areas, and
maybe still most important: It was great to see everybody again, and some for the first

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