Feisty Fawn and KDE4.

Yesterday night, we met George Staikos and David Vignoni for dinner in Mountainview. I
took the
opportunity to order a ‘real burger’, and that was also when George and Celeste taught
me how
to eat a burger properly (I first started with cuttery, but they kept complaining).
When in
Rome, do as the Romans do
. The food itself, though, was really good, although not
Here at google, there is a buffet all day long, so if you feel like it, you can keep
eating all day
(which is what I try to avoid), and the food is pretty good, too. Yesterday it was
Indian food, lots of
different cakes, fresh fruit, sandwhiches, wraps … goodness!

Today, we started off discussing KDE4 in Feisty Fawn. Kubuntu will be providing KDE4
packages during
the development phase. Feisty will still be based on KDE3, though. We discussed some
technical issues
when having KDE4 stuff installed at the same time as KDE3, effects of running KDE3 apps
inside a KDE4
session, migrating settings, porting KDE3 specific stuff from Kubuntu. …
Usecases we thought of are the developer that wants to port his app to KDE4, and use the
KDE4 packages to
do that and users who want to help maturing KDE4 by testing the packages. You can find
more details

Having the whole Oxygen team down here in California of course also means some eye-candy
Ken and Nuno have been working on new icons for powermanager, which should improve
contrast on darker
panels, expect them to hit svn soon! Nuno also helped out with my Portwine addiction by
bringing a
bottle of Single-Quinta Tawny here. Thanks Nuno! I still have some hope that the bottle
makes it back to the
Netherlands next week, the authorities seem to be accepting the occasional bottle of
wine as long as
it’s in checked-in luggage.

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