New stuff.

Beryl running on AIGLX

The last days, I’ve been playing around with some new software that has emerged lately:

I’ve acquainted myself with the new Qt4 API be means of PyQt4, nothing serious yet, only
having a look already. Hopefully Python bindings for kde4 will be done soon, can’t
wait to port
guidance to all the new goodness.

Earlier last week, I’ve upgraded my workstation at home and my laptop to Edgy, the upgrade
on the workstation
went very smooth, upgrading the laptop was a PITA, mostly due to ATi drivers and the
involved packaging
scripts. Oh well. It’s done, and in the process, I’ve created a bunch of packages for those
who want to run
Kubuntu Edgy Eft on the T60, grab them while
they’re hot, there’s evil proprietary driver packages, and a patch that adds the necessary
bits to a 2.6.18
kernel tree (ipw3945 + ieee80211). The kernel package should save you the hassle of patching
and compiling all
the stuff yourself.

After I learnt that the other proprietary driver I’m using is a security problem,
I’ve upgraded my
workstation to the latest nvidia beta driver and luckily didn’t experience any regression.
Having that done
anyway, I looked for beryl packages, installed those, enabled AIGLX and was surprised that things went quite
smoothly. Then I
learnt that replacing a window manager isn’t something you should to on a daily basis, you
loose a
lot of useful shortcuts. Oh well, it’s nice enough that I played a bit with it,
recorded a crappy movie with my digicam and
went back to kwin.

Played a bit Nexuiz then, impressed by the
quality of nowadays’
Linux Gaming Experience..

On the KDE and Public Relation side of things, I’ve given two presentations recently, one at
the Linuxbijeenkomst in Tiel/NL (
KDE4 –
Future of the Free Desktop
) and the other one at LinuxWorldExpo in Utrecht (10 Years of
). After
the KDE 3.5.5 release, I did an interview
for Newsforge /

Next month, I’ll be attending the Ubuntu Dev Summit in Mountainview / California at the
Google Head Quarters –
if the German authorities manage to get my passport ready in time, that is. Looking forward
to it.