Update on guidance.

part of the diskfree dialog.
As some of you might know, 3/4 of guidance has been put into Kubuntu‘s latest release Breezy Badger in the last moments.
Needless to say that we’re (Simon and me) are really happy with that. This is quite unique, since
that’s the first time (I know of) that KDE ships with PyKDE by default, and makes active use of
Python modules for KControl. For those not in the know, guidance is a set of kcontrol modules that
provide editing of the init process (serviceconfig), administrating user accounts, groups
and passwords (userconfig) and an editor for fstab (mountconfig).

aKademy in Málaga, usability expert Jan Muehlig of Relevantive has been reviewing guidance for usability issues
together with me and proposed quite some potential improvements. Also at aKademy, I began working on
a new dialogue for mountconfig which shows free space on a harddisk. The last couple of weeks I
don’t have too much time for excessive coding sessions, but also working two or three hours a week
shows some progress eventually. The code that renders the bars works, also for swap space. What I’m
working on at the moment is a bar that shows the pysical layout of the disk with the partitions in
different colours. I’ll probably have to use different patterns also, since that might be necessary
for visually impaired people. No biggie, though.

Nice detail: No bugs that I know of have been reported yet, no angry users that complain about
their system not booting anymore after having used mountconfig. Guess that’s good. :-)

Busy times.

My favourite wallpaper at the moment.
Preparing the merge with Kim is quite some work, a lot of things have to be organized, bought,
made aware of a new address, so I’m quite busy at the moment. Arranging the “I’m finished studying”
makes it even worse, and I’m ending up with a giant TODO list with a lot of subcategories. I guess
just doing a couple of things every day, re-shuffling priorities and hoping that it doesn’t become
even longer is the way to handle is, yet I don’t see the light.

Organizing all that, I’m getting more and more aware that a lot of things are going to change in
the next two months. I’ll probably start working on a full-time basis, have to develop the feeling
that even when being half-conscious
that I’m not going to my old home (it’s quite some way off from the new one, so I’d better not).
I’ll have Kim around on a even-more-regular basis, be able to use my own kitchen, less annoyance by
ignorant people who happen to live right next door …

Ow, jumping on the APIDOX-bandwagon, I don’t have problems documenting my code, nor is it
something I don’t like to do. Dealing with API documentation, I walk through the code on a regular
base, cleaning things up, raising my own awareness of design issues, and adding documentation to the
interesting (==non-self-explaining) methods. The most interesting issue for me is what to document,
I think my own code is well-legible, and the method and class names are quite clear even without API
documents — yet documenting is still a good thing, to re-think choices made and to improve
readibility and understandability some more. Distracting myself from all the details I’m thinking
about while coding usually helps getting things done. Not at least I think that well-documented code
is even more beautiful and definitely adds quite some value.

Ow yeah, and due to moving houses, I’ll probably not have a “real” internet access at my new
house for a couple of weeks. Let’s hope one of our new neighbours “shares” an access point … >:-)

Good times.

Lucky one.
Obviously the guy on the photo over here is a pretty lucky one. Here’s why:

Without an exhausting struggle, we (Kim, a.k.a. loveliest girl in the world and $me)
found a nice appartment in the city centre of Nijmegen, the city where I already live, where I’m
working, and not at least where I’m planning to stay for a while. We’ll be moving houses in the
beginning of November, people who are willing to help carrying boxes and stuff are welcome. :-)

Next, this afternoon I got the result of my last exam, “Introduction to Accounting
and Finance”
(needless to say that this is my alltime favourite, that’s why I kept it that

Bingo. I’m done. No more study, finished, finito, end. All good. I’m happy.