SuSE is *really* everywhere but breezy rocks, too.

Found in the parking lot
Bram blogged in Málaga that SuSE is everywhere, when I was
walking over the parking lot belonging to this cosy house I’m living in, I cannot say that this is
not true …

On a more serious note, we’ve (which is Simon and me)
decided that guidance will be put into
kdesvn within the next two days (after some due cleanup). Also Jonathan Riddell told me on IRC that
he has got guidance running on breezy, the development release of Ubuntu Linux. I was about to have a look into the issues that had
been around, but apparently I can concentrate on other things, down the road to perfection
I’ve updated my workstation to breezy yesterday, and I must say that I’m quite
impressed. Not only does it have a modular Xorg already, being a development version it works quite
nicely. Highlights are OpenOffice2-beta2 which works just fine (it seems to be the first release
that’s really usable for me). This OpenOffice release brings nice KDE integration, such as KDE’s
file dialogues and the crystal icon set. A couple of other things are really well done aswell.
Konqueror’s selected area now gets a blue shade, which looks very slick. Also the selection in some
dialogues has cute round edges. This stuff had been around on for a while already, but I can’t find the

Ok, back to preparing my presentation for Software
Freedom Day
in Tilburg / NL next saturday.

aKademy [5] – travelling with a hell of a hangover.

Having fun with a sombrero and sangria
The beachparty on
saturday night
was a lot of fun. There was plenty of fish (sardines, I think, grilled by a
couple of brave men standing at a fire), sangria and beer. Also flamenco for the real tourists among

After having returned to the residence, we did our best to diminish existing beer
resources, which went quite successful regarding the state of my head when waking up after 5 hours
of sleep. The thing I learnt: Never forget to drink enough water. My body was pretty dehydrated
which manifested itself in a giant headache. Ideal for travelling about 2000km back home to the
Netherlands. My stomach also felt quite unstable, which made the flight a lot of fun. I now have a
very decent idea why there’s a paperbag for every seat, luckily I didn’t need mine (which I wasn’t
quite confident of, especially when the plane began to descend).

In contrast to my
travelling mates
, the dutch railways didn’t suprise me and brought me back home like scheduled.
Nice details: My girlfriend was awaiting me at the station with a pizza. Not kidding, dreams
actually come true from time to time! :-)

aKademy [4] – wrapping up the hackathon’s passed days.

aKademy’s hackathon has nearly come to and end for me, we will be kicked out of the University
of Malaga at around six o’clock, at which point I’d like to have dinner. That will be a problem,
since the restaurants usually don’t open before half past eight here, and that’s still quite early a
time for dinner.

Let’s have a look what aKademy2005 has brought:

guidance …

… has been extensively reviewed for usability issues
by Jan Mühlig. (Thanks again, Jan for your time and expertise, I enjoyed the work!) This has
brought quite some possible improvements to light, some of which are easy one-liners (like changing
a label), some of them require changes of parts of the UI. I’ll start fixing the one-liners as soon
as I have Jan’s final report, to keep guidance releasable, and will work on the other issues as soon
as we have a stable version released and can start a new release cycle. (Yeah, I know about
I’ve had a BoF about the future of kcontrol with Benjamin Meyer. He asked if I’d like to put
guidance into kdeplayground to give it some more exposure to developers and generally agreed on the
idea of using python to build kcontrol modules. He also liked most parts of guidance and actually
sees an existance of them in kcontrol before his virtual eyes. Promising.

KDE and marketing

I’ve stepped up to try to improve the marketing of KDE in a more structured way than it has ever
been. This will be quite a hard task, but it can also be a lot of fun. Yesterday we had a pretty
long BoF about how we can get this pig flying, and we actually came to a pretty good (and stable, I
think) approach. Existing efforts will be improved. More information on all that is yet to be
wrapped up for the involved mailinglist, so expect some material on that. I’m already thinking about
a couple of things that could really help us on our way to world domination – which will by the way
happen, the only question is why. :-)