digikam documentation
One of my favourite applications in KDE is digikam. I own
a digital camera, and I like taking photos. Nothing professional, though, but it’s fun and relaxing
for me. I use digikam to download the photos from my camera (a Canon Powershot A95). One of my
favorite features is that digikam automatically rotates the photos according to the EXIF information
while downloading them. That saves an awful amount of manual work. I also like the cool OpenGL
slideshow – the transition effects look neato!

I’ve been especially pleased reading through the dutch documentation of
and the dutch
documentation of digikamimageplugins
, because a lot of photos from my collection have been used
to illustrate the features of digikam. I’m of course happy to be able to contribute to this great
application in that way. If you’re translating the digikam documentation and you need photos to
apply all the plugins to, I can provide you with mine, the ones Rinse used to prepare the dutch
documentation. Just drop me an email in that case.

status of guidance.

dualhead screen configuration - work in progress
We have 75% of guidance pretty much
completed, userconfig, serviceconfig and mountconfig look pretty stable and are feature-complete.
The stuff that might need a little more work is the installation magic, which is done via pykdeextensions. Also the dualhead
configuration bits of displayconfig are not yet there. The abstraction layer is partly in place, and
we don’t seem to have broken too much (yet). Hardware detection (VGA and connected displays) is
still a bit tricky though. Furthermore I’m trying to get guidance fully reviewed for usability
issues before or at aKademy 2005, so I can try to fix
all existing issues at the hacking marathon there.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a kalyxo
developer, who is – like the Kubuntu bunch – interested in
including guidance in their package archives.
Good to know that we’re obviously filling an
existing gap.

Ow, and I noticed syndication of my feed on planet KDE,
thanks clee and hello world! :-)

Lucky bastard …

BBQ at Bolsward
… that’s what I am. I’ve got a new job, that’s why.

I’m working at the subfaculty of computer sciences now. Two projects will keep me busy:

which has basically one target: preparing a catalogue of criteria that help assuring quality in Open
Source software. So I’m doing research on that issue.
CodeYard, the second project
I’ll be involved with aims to involve highschool students in Open Source development by providing
infrastructure – such as websites, version control systems, blogging facilities – as well as
guidance in the development process. So we’re preparing the new breed.

World domination, here we go!

The picture was taken yesterday at the KDE-NL BBQ in Bolsward in the north of
the Netherlands. Rinse had prepared a rich BBQ with all kinds of good food. The meeting was relaxed,
we discussed a couple of the current issues regarding our plans for world domination face-to-face,
which really helps from time to time. After having returned, we payed a visit to the 4-daagse-feesten (actually the zomerfeesten), which is a week-long
party in the whole city centre. That was fun, right, [ade]? :P