Alan Cox's talk about 'creating a stable kernel'
So I’m back from FOSDEM 2005, the Free and OpenSource Software Developers
meeting in Brussels (Belgium). I went there with the KDE people from the Netherlands and we had lots
of fun and interesting conversation there, also did some hacking on guidance, a set of small application that
plug into KDE’s Control Center and enable the user to do some system administration tasks from a
user friendly GUI from KDE. Guidance is in alpha state at the moment and features tools for
configuration of display settings, editing the user database, administrating system services and
configuring storage media. We hope to release 1.0 later this year.
Also, at FOSDEM I got the
chance to meet and talk to a couple of high profile OpenSource people, such as Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Alan Cox (Maintainer of the -ac linux kernel tree), Richard Stallman
(father of Free Software) and Pat Mochel (Linux kernel: sysfs and powermanagement) , amongst others.
It was also very cool to spend the weekend with a bunch of KDE developers, with who I could discuss
a lot of ideas and who told me about stuff they are working on at the moment. There’s really cool
things to come! Of course, I took photos in Brussels, check them out here.