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A KDE frontend for gnuvd, the online version of the "Van Dale" dutch dictionary. Kvandale is written in Python with PyKDE. You can find gnuvd on http://www.djcbsoftware.nl/code/gnuvd/. Apart from the obvious functionality, kvandale features a cool dcop interface, that enables you to have kvandale look up words from another application or - of course - the commandline. a screenshot of kvandale



  • gnuvd 1.0
  • Python, at least 2.3
  • PyQt, 3.13-4 (probably older versions work, too)
  • PyKDE, at least 3.11.3 (probably older versions work, too)
Notes: Mentioned are the versions it's tested with, it might / should very well work with other versions, too.

usage (without installation).

  • Unpack the package
  • cd into kvandale-0.4/src
  • start with python kvandale.py


(A leading $ indicates that you can run this command as a normal user, a leading # indicates that you'll have to run this command as root.)
1) Unpack archive:
  $ tar xvjf kvandale-0.x-y.tar.bz2
2) Change to source directory
  # cd kvandale-x.y/
3) Run setup script (as root)
  # python setup.py install
4) You can start kvandale 
  $ kvandale
another screenshot of kvandale


If you are getting import errors, do the following:
  • Open a python shell with the command "python"
  • Type "import qt", if that fails, you're missing PyQt or your PyQt installation is incomplete
  • Type "import kdecore", if that fails, you're missing PyKDE or your PyKDE installation is imcomplete
  • Open a shell, try to use the gnuvd program directly from the commandline. Sometimes, it doesn't work because the online database of van Dale is offline. This should be reported by the program in version 0.4 and higher.
If above works, please send me the output of the program and a description of what works and what doesn't to me and I'll see what I can do.


kvandale 0.4  [ Wed, 29 Jun 2005 ]
* Renamend to kvandale.
* Better reporting of shell exit codes from gnuvd.
* i18n support (Translations are welcome).
* installation and all the stuff from pykdeextensions 
  (modules provided in this package for convenience).
* Minor cosmetical UI changes.
kgnuvd 0.3 [ Mon, 04 Apr 2005]
* Initial release for public testing.
Feedback is of course welcome, please send it directly to me.

30-06-2005, 01:35 h
© Sebastian Kügler
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