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KMail Marrying Plasma.

Kevin blogged about the porting of KMail to Akonadi. He, Andras and a couple of other KDABians are splitting KMail into smaller components that combined make up an email client. Those components are then ported to using Akonadi. The end result is a set of widgets you can remix to create a nice email applications. Since I've been working on Lion Mail, I've got some ideas how this stuff relates to mobile devices, and I was also eager to give the akonadi port of KMail a shot. Till and Kevin gave me some pointers where to begin, and I hacked up a small demo that shows how these components work inside Plasma. It took me one late night hacking session until I had a partly working folder and message list in a Plasma applet. Then I went to bed. After getting up, I caught Kevin on IRC to help me with my confusion, and the problem why the folderlist worked, but the message list didn't show anything. Kevin advised me to uncomment some line, but when I looked at those line numbers, they were whitespace. Strange. After some minutes (and half of my morning coffee) I svn updated, recompiled and it just worked. Turned out that Volker had noticed my commits in the morning and fixed my code to work. Awesome. :-)

I've created a screencast showing this.

There's also an Ogg/Theora version of the video available.
This applet is kind of orthogonal to Lion Mail, but it's really interesting to see how easily we can share code between Plasma (and thus mobile devices) and "traditional" KDE applications. Of course using the KMail widgets means, that it's only rather shallow integration between those two, you don't, for example, get the full Plasma theming or input models that are interesting for mobile devices.

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