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Going wild with KDE 4.1 themes.

whiteish theme Now KDE 4.1 is out, I've played around a bit with different themes. I've installed the KDE artwork package, and a couple of themes via GetHotNewStuff. KDE's coloring system has seen quite a lot of love, as has Plasma's theming engine. The results are quite impressive, as you can see in the screenshots.

First off, a bright setup with full-width, pretty standard panel. The Plasma theme used here is Aya, I've made the window background colors a bit lighter, just for more intense shininess. Those bright colors also go quite well with the "Glassified" color scheme, but I found it lacking some 'whitespace'. The screenshot shows some integration bits as well, the context menu offers to install the package using Ubuntu's gdebinstaller. The GTK+ theme blends in nicely with the colors I've set up. (Without me even tweaking it).

Obsidian theme
If you want to go out in black tonight, the Obsidian color scheme is what you want. The Plasma theme used here is Elegance. I personally don't really like dark widget themes, although I find it OK in a konsole. There's also a second panel on the left with some buttons and info, so the whole width of the taskbar in the bottom panel can be used for applications.

Norway theme The Norway color scheme combined with the Aya Plasma theme. I've made the panel shorter, centered and a bit higher. People seem to like it that way as well, though I don't understand what the fuzz about such panels is. It tends to create dead corners, and what's better than slapping your mouse bottom-left and typing into kickoff? The colors are nice and warm, and some utilities such as a calculator, online dictionary and calendar can be found on the desktop.

Wonton Soup theme
The Wonton Soup color scheme is dark, but not quite as dark as Obsidian, it has a bit more contrast than Obsidian as well, and looks a bit softer.

The wallpapers used here should be available with KDE 4.1 install, some might be in the kdeartwork module. The tools I've used for theming the desktop are the Appearance module in System Settings (especially the color pages). The widget style used in those screenshots is Oxygen, the Plasma themes vary though. Aya is especially nice and flexible, as it bases its color on the widget colors you can tweak in System Settings. I still have some garbage in the systray, unfortunately. It's not that bad all the time, on the upside :)

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