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A KDE Office.

Claudia Rauch, KDE e.V.'s first employee. KDE e.V. the foundation backing KDE legally, financially and in many different ways has traditionally been a very 'lean' organisation. In its first ten years, the KDE e.V. has been run by volunteers from the KDE community. This has lead to interesting situations in the past. Developers doing accounting is my favorite stupid thing (not because they're bad at it, they've done an awesome job) because we badly need those developers to work on KDE -- and it's probably not their favourite thing to do (not *my* favourite thing to do anyway).
So during the last years, we've worked towards stabilising KDE e.V.'s financial situation so it allows for a commitment, the commitment you need when someone becomes financially dependant on you. We've managed -- also thanks to our Patrons and Supporting Members -- to be confident about our situation, both organisationally and financially.

We had been in contact with Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. for some time already. It had been brought up earlier that our organisations are pretty similar in what we do (supporting a volunteer project in the Free Culture domain). It was also proposed to to share resources, such as an office. But we've been struggling for some time moving forward in this process. Those among the readers that went through their own start-up phase can probably tell you that getting the first employee is a pretty big step. We've mastered that now, and that's something we're very happy with.

The building in Frankfurt where Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. is located had some spare rooms, most notably one adjacent to the Wikimedia office when a policy window opened. Wikimedia wanted to hire an administrative assistant, and that's also something we were looking for. In December, we've moved forward. Klaas and I travelled to Frankfurt (which is incidentally pretty much in the middle between Nürnberg and Nijmegen) to meet Claudia Rauch, a proposed candidate for the position of KDE Office Dudette. The vibes were good, her background consolidated that first feeling so we decided to go ahead. The situation now is the following: The official address of KDE e.V. has moved from Eva's private address to Frankfurt, Rödelheimer Bahnweg where our office is located. The office is run by Claudia who is hired part-time to support the KDE e.V. in mainly administrative things. The scope of her work can of course not be completely sure at this point. KDE e.V. is a quickly evolving organisation, and you never know tomorrow's challenges. Short- to mid-term, having an office and someone to run it will alleviate us of some of the more urgent administrative tasks. The "performance" of the KDE e.V. will improve through that. Now you ask yourself what this performance is, and rightfully so. It expresses in turnaround time for travel cost reimbursements and other administrative requests the KDE e.V. Board gets. It also means that we can offer some support to organisers of Akademy and other conferences and sprints. The office in Frankfurt will also be the new home of the KDE Boothbox, a rugged aluminium case with equipment one typically needs at events, such as demo systems, signage, cables, and so on. The boothbox has already found its way to Frankfurt. You can request to have it shipped to the event your planning to represent KDE at. This process has not always been as smooth as we would have wanted it to, but we hope for quick improvment now.

Next Thursday, I'll be travelling to Milano to take part in the first Plasma sprint ever, meeting some of the people I tend to be hacking with on the same projects. After that sprint Aaron, Peyton and me will be going to Frankfurt for a two-day Board meeting. That will be the first Board meeting hosted by ourselves. :-)

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