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KDE 4 snapshot screenshots.

The current look of the desktop. Without ado, here's a bunch of screenshots of how KDE 4.0 currently looks like. Please note that this is very recent, and not all of it is part of the just-released KDE 4.0 RC1. It's that fresh.
Click here to get to all the screenshots.
This is the desktop, showing some plasmoids, the panel (which really is a container for plasmoids, konsole, nothing really fancy ;-)).

KSysguard. the System monitor and systemsettings, the settings dialogue. KSysguard and systemsettings, configure and monitor what's going on. Systemsettings replaces kcontrol, ksysguard has seen a huge overhaul, using vectorgraphics now. Mix that with some usability improvements and you get this.

Dolphin is KDE4's filemanager. Dolphin is very stable already, and looking good. Have a peak at its configuration dialogue.

KRunner and Kickoff, parts of plasma. Pressing Alt+F2 opens the KRunner interface. It gives you access to starting applications, but it's also a pocket calculator (type in =42*42), a converter for various units and can be used to start a search via strigi, KDE4's desktop indexer.

Gwenview, the image viewer. Gwenview, KDE's image viewer has seen major improvements in the user interface, making it quicker and easier to use.

Okular, KDE's multi-format document reader. Okular is the new document reader, it supports multiple formats. The focus lies on ease of use.

KWrite, the simple text editor. KWrite is the simple text editor shipped with KDE 4.0. It shares the text editing component with Kate, the advanced text editor.

Kwin's handy expose effect. KWin has new compositing features. The handy expose effect can be accessed by putting the mouse cursor in the upper left corner. The just click on the window you want to select.

Kwin, KDE's window manager has learned some cool compositing tricks ... while typing text, kwin will filter and show only those windows that match. If you're down to one match, press enter and get your window of choice in front of your nose.

Kwin, KDE's window manager has learned some cool compositing tricks Since virtual desktops are there to stay, KWin also has their handling improved. Press Control+F8 and see the Desktopgrid effect. Klik on one of those desktop to choose it, or drag applications from one virtual desktop to the other.

That's it for now. Remember, this can change by the day. Not all artwork is final, there are some glitches left, but it's really shaping up well. Thanks everybody for getting this far!

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