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We are out of whiteboard.

Today and tomorrow, Mirko Boehm, Giorgos Gousios, Adriaan de Groot have a meeting of the SQO-OSS project here in the (today) sunny Nijmegen / NL. Today, we filled a couple of whiteboards working on the system architecture and trying to get some concepts straight. We agreed on the basic use case that the system should provide information about the quality of the code to developers, think defect count with attached information why something is defect and possibly how to fix it.

For this purpose, the SQO-OSS system will mirror source code repositories, keep mailinglist archives and have a copy of bugzilla databases (or other issue-tracking systems 'normalised' to Bugzilla format). Metrics are done as plugins to the system, those metrics can be simple things such as "count words on a group of files", but also compound metrics such as "show the development of number of bugs per line of code over the last 36 months (with a certain granularity)".

The system will partly be implemented in Java, using the OSGI framework. Some things such as job queueing will be implemented using good old UNIX tools, such as cron.

During aKademy there will be a talk about the SQO-OSS project given by Paul Adams of Sirius, another project partner. This talk will also offer the possibility to provide feedback relatively early in the process. If you're interested in the field of software quality, don't miss the presentation. Paul is right now at DebConf, presenting the SQO-OSS project there and gathering feedback so we make sure that the outcome of this project is actually what the people would like to use it for.

The Radboud University of Nijmegen is kindly hosting this meeting, providing infrastructure and a meeting room for us. Having a meeting in Nijmegen is actually quite funny. On the one hand, it's nice to be able to sleep in your own bed. On the other hand, I'm pretty much removed from the normal way things go. Being at home means distraction, although I'm trying to not have too many things interfering with the meeting. It's quality time.

Now let's see what happens if we add beer to the design process. :-)

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